We provide professional services as explained below.

We provide the required actions and support to open businesses in Japan and also do business as an out-source company.


Business Support

You might be required to research, make application, as well as do other necessary actions for opening new markets.

1) Business Development for Japan Market
- Management (Entry, Regal, Financial, HR, Office, VC, Bank, etc.)
We support every function that is necessary for opening and operating.  (Corporate application, judicial affairs, financial, personnel management [employment], selection of offices, design and contracts, decision of trading banks and introduction of venture capital.)

- Marketing (Market Assessment, Strategy, etc.)
  We help your marketing research and support your marketing activities at your preferred location of interest.  Market analysis, market research, and strategy planning

- Sales (Channel Development, Sales Activity, Distributor, Affiliate etc.)
We support in marketing to analyze numerical data and assist in the decision of the type of market you want to open as well as full-scale sales activities.  We also support your company as a liaison office, sales agency, or joint venture system to open your business with partner companies in Japan if desired.
In addition, we do sales strategy planning, market research, finding markets, and prospecting future clients.

- Marketing Communication (Advertisement, Seminar, Press, Event, etc)
We support various Advertisement actions that are required for opening businesses in Japanese markets.  We ensure market investment planning, press announcement, seminars, trade shows, and other event planning.

2) Business Development for Overseas Market
(U.S.A., Canada, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.)
 Research & Sales Channel Development & Technical Support
We help in your research and assist in finding markets when companies in Japan want to seek and establish business in foreign countries.  We provide local support using our partnership networks.  (We have various services in each area, therefore, please contact us for details).  Market research, strategy planning, finding markets and support techniques.


Technical Support

It might be necessary to establish organizations and special techniques for opening markets.  The services that we can provide (as shown below) are inside of Japan; therefore, if you want us provide services in foreign countries, please contact us regarding our availability.

1) Localization of Software
We assist with the localization of software that has local languages.

2) Translation
We translate manuals, foreign publication materials, and publications into local languages.

3) Help Desk
We establish a support service counter of products in Japanese and English.

4) Localization of HP
We give total support for the construction of, and/or the translation and management of homepages. When foreign companies want to make announcements to the Japanese market through homepages.  We provide translation support ・from English into Japanese and vice-versa.
5) Quality Assurance
We support quality-check and improvement work of software products after internationalization or localization. 

6) Pre-sales
We give support to pre-sales activity(Technical side).

7) Education
We translate your education programs and software products into Japanese and  provide them to your partners and clients.